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Christian Car Donation helps your car donation reach more charities and do more good. We offer a pioneering platform that simplifies the car donation process for hundreds of nonprofits.

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At Christian Car Donation, we streamline the car donation process for a wide variety of nonprofits, ranging from national organizations to local charities. Our service spans all 50 states, enabling us to process vehicle donations nationwide. This approach provides a valuable opportunity for donors and a hassle-free solution for nonprofits. We specialize in lifting the burden of logistics, costs, and know-how from charities, making vehicle donation an accessible and effective fundraising tool. Our goal is to maximize the funding received by nonprofits, enhancing their ability to serve communities. Join us in transforming car donations into meaningful support for your mission.

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Why Our Car Donation Program Stands Out

At Christian Car Donation, we make car donation simple and impactful. Our approach is straightforward, focusing on easy processes, personalized experiences, and dedicated support, all at no hidden cost to you.

Easy and Free Setup for Your Donation Journey

Kickstart your car donation effortlessly and without any cost. In just a few minutes, you can begin the process, and we’ll handle everything else. Our team takes care of all the details, from paperwork to vehicle pickup, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience. Start your donation journey with Christian Car Donation and leave the complexities to us.

Your Customized Donation Page

Get a personalized donation page tailored specifically for your organization. It’s user-friendly on all devices, combining your nonprofit’s unique style with functional design. This custom page makes the donation process not only easier but also aligns perfectly with your organization’s identity, providing donors with a seamless and engaging experience.

Excellence in Support

Experience exceptional customer service with Christian Car Donation. Ensuring every donor feels appreciated and well-cared for, mirroring the way you would treat them. We prioritize making each donor’s experience personal and supportive, reinforcing the value of their contribution to your cause.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

With Christian Car Donation, enjoy clear and affordable pricing. There are no setup fees, monthly charges, or binding contracts. Our pricing structure is transparent and straightforward, offering you hassle-free support without any unexpected costs. We believe in making the donation process as accessible and budget-friendly as possible for every organization.

Find Out How Christian Car Donation Is Helping Organizations Raise Funds! Get ready to be amazed at how easy and effective it is.

Types of Vehicles We Accept






Golf cart

What People Are Saying About Our Car Donation Service

I had an awesome time donating my car to Christian Car Donation. They provided clear instructions for vehicle pickup and title transfer. Now, I’m just waiting for the tax receipt, but honestly, I’m really happy with how smooth and professional everything was.

Mark Austin